Three effective strategies to run your business

Many business owners rely on the same core business ideas and develop strategies around it. But while this traditional process has been effective in the last several decades and the emergence of new and advanced technologies are calling for a different approach.

Strategies that may have been developed five or ten years ago may now be inadequate to address the needs of the changing market landscape and something that businesses may need to adapt to. It wouldn’t be a surprise to involve the participation of Virginia IT consulting firms in order to optimize your strategic planning or infrastructure requirements.

Staying on top of the latest in business technologies can help you get ahead and be able to ride the wave of progress and development for the future of your business venture, regardless of whether you are taking advantage of a high profile IT consultancy firm or small business IT support services, you will surely get your money’s worth.
Here are three of the trending technologies that can give your business a boost.

Customer service and satisfaction
Modern-day customers are more demanding of value other than the money they spend on purchasing your product. Customers feel more empowered to get the best out of the products they purchase and understand the value of customer service and support.

The age of social media has contributed so much to this customer-driven psyche that falling short of your promise to provide quality products or service could make or break your product.
Make it a point to look for a strategy for this. Some valuable tips include establishing a personal relationship with your customers and think outside of the box to increase not just the monetary value, but also the intrinsic value of your products and services as well.

Digital marketing
Advertising and marketing have been undergoing major innovations in this digital age. From search engine optimization (SEO), blogs, podcasts and social media networks, digital marketing is leading the way in generating results for e-commerce.

Research from digital company Word stream revealed that 72% of consumers who utilized local search engine tools visited bricks and mortar store within five miles. Google also reported that local search by consumers has resulted in foot traffic in stores from 50% of mobile visitors.

Going mobile
Research has shown that smartphones and tablet devices made up 60% of total digital media time spent in 2014, which was up to as much as 50% in 2013. The succeeding years saw a significant increase in mobile usage.
Mobile devices have also been making waves with more brands and models coming out with advanced features and affordable prices for the benefit of the 3 billion mobile device users last year and around 91% of mobile device users have been actively using it for internet access.
So, if you need to work on a strategy for your business, take note of the ones that you find appropriate to heed the call of the times.

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